Beutter Park River Race Cleaned

Through the combined efforts of the Mishawaka Sewer and Central Services Departments, the Beutter Park River Race was drained and cleaned in early October. Over the last several years the City’s premier water feature had accumulated a significant amount of heavy muck and debris.

In the past, the City received help from hundreds of Bethel College student volunteers with this labor-intensive task. Unfortunately, this has not been the case in more recent times and this once annual project had been neglected. This meant that City employees had a much heavier burden in carrying out this task. Under the supervision of Central Services Manager Louis Hazen, the crews' extraordinary effort restored the River Race to its former state.

The Sewer Department provided the services of its two large vac-trucks as a method for both removing the debris and transporting it away. Vacuum tubes were extended from the trucks and down into the water feature where the debris was manually pushed into the exposed end of the vacuum tube using shovels and water hoses. In total, roughly 150 yards of debris were removed.

Once the bulk of the debris was taken away, employees used pressure washers to spray down the walls and remove any stuck-on dirt giving a much deeper clean overall.  This extra measure, which had not been done in the past, provided a much-improved finished product.

As a result of all the hard work, the Beutter Park River Race now looks better than it has in years and will continue to be a beautiful place for City residents and visitors to enjoy.