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  (l to r) John Reisdorf, (3rd District); Ronald S. Banicki, (6th District); Kate Voelker, (4th District); John J. Roggeman, (At-Large); S. Michael Compton, (5th District); Dale "Woody" Emmons - Vice President, (1st District); Matt Mammolenti - President, (At-Large); Mike Bellovich, (2nd District); Dan Bilancio, (At-Large);   

As the legislative body of the City, the Council is responsible for passing ordinances, resolutions, orders and motions for the governing of the City, the control of the City's property and finances, and the appropriation of money. These actions are taken at public meetings which are generally held on the first and third Mondays of the month in the Council Chambers in Mishawaka City Hall, 600 East Third Street. The public is welcome to attend the meetings and offer comment on these actions.

Council Chambers

First Floor, City Hall

600 East Third Street

Mishawaka, IN