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The Information Technology (IT) Department provides centralized service to all departments throughout the City of Mishawaka. IT is constantly seeking new ways to manage and utilize data and electronics in order to minimize the amount of time it takes to complete certain tasks, access and provide information, and integrate the tools available to the various departments. This City website has been created and continues to be enhanced, under the guidance of the Information Technology Department, as a tool for residents, employees, business owners and visitors of the City of Mishawaka. It provides easy access to important City resources and information as well as some online services that are continuously being added and further developed. The City of Mishawaka's Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is focused on the development of a common electronic base map containing high-resolution aerial photography and data layers showing the geographical location of infrastructure and related information. This base map is being done for the entire county. Examples of base mapping data layers include road centerlines, road edges, railroads, hydrology (includes rivers, streams, and ponds), and parcel boundaries. The base map will continue to go through updates as changes are made such as new construction, roads, and subdivisions.

In 2009, as part of the re-organization of Departments, the function of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) was consolidated under the IT Department. There continues to be three full-time people dedicated to the GIS needs of the City. Instead of working independently in the Planning, Electric, and Water Departments, these individuals are now located in the same office. The consolidation allows them to share resources and apply resources system-wide rather than to individual department goals. The consolidated department also is positioned to take advantage of the support provided by the Information Technology Department. City-wide users now have the benefit of a consolidated resource that will increase access and productivity over time.


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