Code Enforcement Tackles "Top 100"

Mishawaka’s Department of Code Enforcement is working hard to complete their sixth Top 100 program, which addresses the city’s 100 most blighted structures each year. Currently, 82 of the predetermined Top 100 cases have been addressed.

The initiative began six years ago as the Code Enforcement desired more priority and organization in their repairs. During the winter months, code officers patrol their districts and compile a list of the houses and buildings that need attention. All exterior issues from peeling paint to deteriorating structures are considered. The 100 most unsightly cases are then selected from this list, receive a “rank,” and become Code Enforcement’s Top 100 program.

Since this organized effort began in 2005, a total of 459 substandard cases have been initiated, and the majority of these have now been completed. This year, specifically, code officers are pleased with the program’s success in beautifying Mishawaka’s neighborhoods and streets.

The Department of Code Enforcement, though aggressive in action, remains sensitive to homeowners’ financial issues and flexible with each projected completion date. They continue to enjoy a mutual respect and healthy relationship with the citizens they serve.

Mayor Wood comments, “I am extremely proud of our Code Enforcement Team. They are a dedicated, energetic group that goes above and beyond for the City of Mishawaka. Their commitment to the job and our city exemplifies the meaning of world-class service”.